Preservation Efforts


Snoqualmie Falls Preservation Project (SFPP)


Preservation Initiative

In 1999, with the threat of development surrounding Snoqualmie Falls and sacred lands, the Snoqualmie Tribe initiated discussions with various individuals and organizations as well as the City of Snoqualmie and Cascade Land Conservancy, to devise a plan to protect an area sacred to the Snoqualmie Tribe and special to the entire region. These discussions led to the creation of the Snoqualmie Preservation Initiative and eventual protection of the property.

Save Snoqualmie Falls

We believe it’s our responsibility to be good stewards of Pacific Northwest’s natural and cultural heritage. We must protect our clean water sources, our forest lands and our open spaces, and we must do so while respecting the lands deemed sacred by local Indian Tribes. While we support responsible economic development, we believe Snoqualmie Falls is for all people, for all time, and that developing the sacred land around it is irresponsible.