Snoqualmie Tribe

Since the beginning of time when the Transformer changed the world to a home for the people, the Snoqualmie People have been the Spiritual Stewards of Snoqualmie Falls and its surrounding lands. This area was given to the people to take care of and to gain nourishment from, both physical and spiritual. Our creation history has been passed down since time immemorial. These teachings say that on each river, a people were created for that respective river to live, fish and hunt and to care for that river for all time. The Snoqualmie Tribe has honored this teaching by continually meeting to perform spiritual practices, fighting to protect Snoqualmie Falls from encroaching development and leading restoration work surrounding Snoqualmie Falls and the throughout the Valley.

Creation History

ʔal tudi tuhaʔkʷ…

A long time ago…
There were two Snoqualmie maidens, two sisters, who went out to dig fern roots. When they were done, they grew tired and lay down to gaze up at the stars. Each sister wished that she could be married to a star. They fell asleep and when they awoke they found themselves in Sky Country, married to two star men.

In time, the elder sister became pregnant and gave birth to a son. When the two sisters would go out to dig fern roots, the Star People would warn them, “Be careful! Do not dig too deep!”

But one day, when the two sisters went out to dig for fern roots, they dug too deep and they poked a hole in the sky. When they looked down through the hole, they could see all the way back to their home. The two sisters became homesick. They missed their people and wished to return to them.

The made a plan. Each day when they went out to dig for fern roots, they worked on braiding a rope out of cedar. When the rope was long enough, they went back to the hole, uncovered it, lowered the rope and climbed down. When their people saw the two sisters return with the baby they rejoiced. They knew this child was special.

When the child grew, he knew he had work to do. He traveled all over creating the plants and animals we see today.
On each river, he created a people to care for and protect that river for all time.

When he came to a huge fish weir that Raven had built, he turned the weir to stone and the water flowing over it became Snoqualmie Falls. It is here that he created the first Snoqualmie man and woman.

After he was finished, he climbed back into the sky to be with his Star father’s people. You can still see him today.

He is Snoqualm, Moon, the Transformer.

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls and its surrounding lands have been a central place for meeting and gathering of people for time immemorial. The native peoples of this region came, and continue to come to Snoqualmie Falls for guidance, power, prayers and healing in this sacred place. To this day, Snoqualmie Falls and its surrounding lands are a place of meeting and joining of worlds, with an estimated 2 million visitors annually.

Snoqualmie Falls and its surrounding lands are sacred to the Snoqualmie People. Sacred lands should be protected and conserved. This is no place for development.